You are not alone in the digital wilderness


We're not here to do digital ministry for you. We're here to empower your team to move confidently into a new era for your faith community

Digital Ministry Planning

Zoom? Premier? LiveStream? Confused about the best way to reach your desired population? Let us help you determine the best way to provide digital ministry content that will reach your people and help your ministry grow.

A/V Equipment Guidance

Feeling lost about what equipment will get the job done? Let us build an equipment plan for your particular setting and help you get the best bang for your buck.

Training for Your Context

Whether you have the budget for staff, need to recruit volunteers, or are solo clergy pulling this off alone, we can provide tailored training for making the most of the equipment and processes you have.

Get Guidance Now

Initial consultations for all services are just $50 (and that may be all you need!). Start with filling out our intake form so we can determine what services we might be able to provide. If we can't help you, there's no charge.

Free Advice

Check out our blog. We try to offer general advice for common concerns we see coming from pastors and ministry leaders.

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We're two film/tech geeks and a pastor looking to help your church succeed in media ministry. We want to help you succeed with what you already have, not sell you a bunch of stuff you don't need.
Andrew Stowe

Andrew Stowe

Tech Consultant
Andrew got his start in film as a part of the media and tech team at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA. In more recent years he has worked on nimble setups with small congregations and church plants alongside his wife, Blair. Andrew is a master of macgyvering inexpensive solutions for complex problems. A graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Andrew is a cinematographer and film editor by trade, and a nature photographer and hardware geek by passion. His recent work has been in non-fiction films and sports documentaries, including Detail on ESPN and Kobe Bryant's Muse on Showtime.
Tucker Bair

Tucker Bair

Tech Consultant
Tucker grew up around creative technology in his parent's post-production studio in Atlanta. After completing a degree in Art History from Williams College, Tucker settled into an IT role at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, blending his experiences with technology and his love of the arts. After serving as an IT consultant with St. John's Episcopal Church in Williamstown, Tucker was called upon to help the congregation transition to effective online worship during the pandemic. He has done additional work and consultation with the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts. Tucker is excited to help your team share their creative vision through modern mediums!
Rev. Blair Trygstad Stowe

Rev. Blair Trygstad Stowe

Pastoral Consultant and Communications
Blair was born and raised in the medium sized protestant church. A Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church, Blair has pastored in North Georgia, Hollywood, and the Inland Empire. Currently a doctoral student at the Boston University School of Theology, Blair focuses on evangelism in post-Christian contexts. As a church planter and young clergy person, Blair has utilized technology to make a lot of ministry happen with very little money. She's excited to help your organization set a plan that works for the shape, size, outlook, and theology of your community.